Project Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions are applicable to all packages, whether they are listed on our Codithub website or provided through custom quotes.

Website Packages

  1. We take care of both hosting and domain for your website. We don’t provide separate hosting and domain services; everything is included in our package. No need to worry about getting them separately.

  2. We won’t provide you with Cpanel Access for your website hosting. It’s part of our management to ensure things run smoothly.

  3. Your website will be ready in 10-12 days if you give us all the necessary details on time. Delays might occur if details are late, and in that case, it’s not our fault.

  4. We design your website based on your preferences or designs you like. If you want any changes, just let us know during development or within 15 days after we hand it over. After that, any changes will have an additional cost.

  5. All website payments should be settled within 2 months. If not, we might have to remove your website and its data.

  6. We’ll add “Powered and Developed by Codithub” at the bottom of your website. It’s a little credit for our work.

  7. You get 10 days of free Support & Management after we deliver your website. We’re here to help you get started.

  8. The same “Powered and Developed by Codithub” will be on services we provide, like your Woocommerce Emails, Woocommerce PDF Invoices, Admin Login Panel, etc.

  9. We’ll provide everything mentioned in our packages. If you want something extra, there’s an additional cost. Rates vary for each feature.

  10. The initial payment for the website package is non-refundable. It helps us kickstart the work.

  11. If you want any extra service or feature, clear your payment within 2 days. If not, we might have to remove it.

  12. If you don’t pay, we might suspend your website. So, it’s essential to keep things up to date.

  13. You’ll get backend access only after your payments are clear. It’s an added layer of security for everyone.

  14. We won’t be responsible for any data loss or issues on your website. It’s essential to back up your important data.

  15. Technical errors on your website are on us, and we’ll fix them for free. It’s our commitment to keeping your site running smoothly.

  16. We’ll use dummy content to set up your website initially. You provide the actual text, images, and content that make it uniquely yours.

  17. For Promotional Packages, if there’s a delay of more than 40 days from your end, we might cancel it and charge the full amount. This ensures the process stays on track.

  18. We won’t be responsible for any copyright issues on your website due to the content. Make sure you have the right to use any materials you provide.

  19. Our After Sales support is designed for websites hosted on our server. Unfortunately, we can’t provide support for websites hosted on other platforms.

  20. Need more help or have questions? Contact us anytime for assistance. We’re here to make sure you have a smooth experience with Codithub.

Hosting Packages

  1. We provide hosting only for the websites we design and do not offer separate hosting services.

  2. Access to the Cpanel is not included in your hosting package. Attempting to access the Cpanel will result in the immediate removal of your hosting account, as it violates our terms and conditions.

  3. Payment for your hosting must be made in advance before we commence work on your website.

  4. To ensure uninterrupted service, we will remind you to renew your Hosting Package 10 days before the renewal date through emails or messages.

  5. If you fail to renew your package by the due date, your website will be deleted from our hosting server, and all associated data will be permanently removed.

  6. After our Free Support period concludes, Codithub will not be responsible for site backups. It is advisable to take necessary measures to safeguard your website data.

Domain Packages

  1. We provide domains and professional email accounts only for the websites we design and do not offer separate domain services.

  2. Payment for your domain must be made in advance before starting the website.

  3. Upon providing you with the complete address of your domain, and you must check that properly for any spelling mistakes or anything else. Codithub will only buy your domain after getting approval from you and will not be responsible for any mistakes in the approved domain after that.

  4. To renew your domain, we will remind you 10 days before the renewal date via mail or message to renew your hosting package.

  5. If you fail to renew your package by the due date, your domain will be discarded and will be deleted. Timely renewals are essential to avoid any disruption in services.

Social Media Packages

  1. To effectively manage your social media accounts, we will require your Instagram login information, and you should grant us an admin or editor role on your Facebook page.

  2. Your login information and all private content on your page will be kept confidential. We take responsibility for the security of such information.

  3. For social media management, we charge half the payment in advance, and the remaining half is due at the end of the month.

  4. Dues must be cleared on time. If there’s a failure to pay and you remove us from your pages by changing passwords or through any other means, it will be considered a violation of our terms and conditions. In such cases, Codithub reserves the right to report and permanently remove your account.

  5. All services mentioned in our packages are included. For any extra services, additional charges will apply.

  6. As part of our service, we will mention ourselves in your bio as “Managed By @codithub.”

  7. To respond accurately to customer queries, it is essential that you provide us with all necessary details.

  8. Codithub must be informed before any changes to your account password during our management period. This ensures smooth coordination and uninterrupted service.

Advertising Packages

  1. All our Marketing Packages come with an included Ad Budget. If you wish to customize this budget, please inform Codithub in advance.

  2. Full payment for marketing packages is required in advance.

  3. To ensure effective ad design and management, you are required to provide us with access to your Social Media Pages.

  4. Codithub will not be held responsible for the response generated by the advertisements.


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